5 Reasons to Love Reset's "2 Days a Week" Weight Loss Program

1. You eat normally 5 days a week

Reset says that the program allows you to “eat normally 5 days a week.” You might wonder: what does that even mean? How can you possibly lose weight doing that? Fair questions – I asked them myself before I started the program. I’ll try to address this topic in detail because it’s actually what makes Reset so interesting and unique.

What I learned: eating normally means no food logging, no calorie counting, and no foods are strictly off limits. It means striving to make healthy choices, but without the strict rules that tend to make us feel deprived. If you eat the foods you normally eat, and don’t go crazy, you’ll do well.

In the past, when I started a diet, I would almost immediately develop a “dieting mindset.” I was always hungry and would start acting emotionally from a feeling of scarcity. I’d obsess over what my next meal would be and whether it would actually fill me up.

Now with Reset, five days a week, I’m not logging any food or feeling stressed. Because I don’t have to constantly say “no” to foods I crave, I actually find it easier to make healthy choices.
This has been absolutely liberating. This feeling is what makes the program so special. I feel like I’ve gotten back an important part of my life: enjoying food and not feeling guilty about eating it.

2. “Reset Days” are extremely simple and flexible

As you’ve probably guessed, you have to eat more carefully the other two days of the week. These two days are what Reset calls “Reset Days.” We’ll walk through the scientific studies that explain why this works later.

For your Reset Days, you’ll pick two days each week, ideally days without a big social event or restaurant dinner planned. I typically choose Monday and Thursdays. You’re allowed to change them each week if you want. I like getting in the habit of doing the same days, but if I have an event on Thursday, I’ll just switch to Wednesday or Friday. Super flexible.

On your two Reset Days, you’re going to eat less than you’re used to, but Reset is going to make it really simple and make sure you feel full.

Reset’s app (which comes with the program) will suggest meal options based on your dietary preferences and eating style. If you’re feeding your family or cooking for yourself, they’ll be dozens of recipes to choose from. These tend to be protein- and veggie-focused (you won’t be eating a lot of pasta or bread).

The app will also have a bunch of options that you can just grab at your local grocery store (like an Amy’s frozen entree or a packaged salad). I often don’t have time to make lunch the night before, so I really like that the program has this flexibility.

There are plenty of quick recipes if you do want to cook each meal (turkey and spinach wrap for lunch anyone?), but there’s also nothing wrong with sticking with the no-cook grocery store options. They’ll even suggest on-the-go options from places like Starbucks, Wendy’s, Subway, and Panera.

You can save the recipe and food suggestions you love in the app. You’ll get new, personalized suggestions each week. It’s totally your call whether you want to try something new each Reset Day or stick with what you love.  

It’s easy to follow these Reset Days. They give you firm guidelines, but they’re also flexible. This means it takes relatively little effort to stick with the program. Also, it’s only two days of the week.
The Reset program works great for busy people who don't always have time to cook. The Reset app will always have meal suggestions for you that include takeout options, like items from your local Starbucks.

3. This system was developed by doctors and has been proven in scientific studies

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors weren’t surrounded by constant sources of food like we are today. Contrary to what some of us have been taught, eating every two hours is NOT necessary for keeping our metabolism strong.

In fact, an increasing amount of scientific research has shown that our bodies benefit from occasional periods with less food. This gives our cells the chance to regenerate (this is called autophagy).

This “two days a week" system – eating light two days a week – has been tested in numerous studies like this one and this one. The results have consistently found that people lose weight quickly and sustain that weight loss.

There’s also strong evidence that this method targets belly fat (and preserves muscle) compared to restriction diets.

Interestingly, studies have shown that this method actually boosts our metabolism when compared to restriction diets (which can lower it significantly). It’s also been linked to numerous potential health benefits like lowering cholesterol, decreasing blood pressure, and reducing heart disease risk factors.

When I first started Reset, I was wondering why I hadn’t heard about this science before. Wouldn’t something like this be all over the news? Well first, I hear more and more people talking about it every day. But secondly, the $70 billion US weight loss industry wants people to keep starting a new diet each year. Finding something that works makes them lose a customer.

4. You will most likely save money

I always had a hard time justifying spending money on a weight loss program when I knew I could just commit to eating less. Enough years and failed diets later, I opened myself up to the idea that support and guidance can be really worthwhile, especially when the end goal is something so important to us.

For what you get, is priced extremely competitively. Remember, two days each week, you’re going to  choose a lighter lunch and dinner.

Factoring in the cost of Reset, I actually save money. How is that possible? Because I’m buying smaller meals on Mondays and Thursdays (my Reset Days). Whether I’m cooking a smaller meal or grabbing a Lean Cuisine, I spend less than I did before.

I calculated that that works out to about $30 in food savings each week for me (and the program costs a lot less than that). According to Reset, members tend to save $10-20 per week, even when including the cost of the program.

So while you do have to pay for multiple weeks at the start, the program is likely to save you money.

5. This can be the end of your yo-yo dieting

One reason I would often quit a diet was when I realized there’s no way I could live like this and enjoy life. What’s the point of losing weight doing something that you absolutely hate? You’ll always gain it back when you go back to normal life.

Reset is so simple that it actually fits into my lifestyle. I eat freely almost all the time. I don’t have that “dieting mindset” and I enjoy my Reset Days.

The Reset program is all about results that last. Their goal is to help you develop the small habit changes and lifestyle that make your results sustainable.

If you’re sick of yo-yo dieting like I was, Reset might be what you’ve been waiting for.

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