The last weight loss program you'll ever need.

Eat freely five days a week without calorie counting or guilt.  

Pick two days a week to Reset. Our personalized, science-backed program turns two days of effort into sustainable weight loss. You’ll enjoy a delicious fruit smoothie for lunch – we send a high-protein, fat-burning base; you add fruit. Use the app (available for Android and iPhone) to plan a Reset-approved dinner and get 1:1 support from a personal coach. 

Members lose 2 pounds a week on average.

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No calorie counting. No foods are off limits. No more yo-yo dieting.

Why does Reset work so well?

Because Reset is unlike anything you've tried before.

Stop Dieting

Members eat without restriction five days a week. No deprivation, no strict rules. The freedom to focus on building healthy habits.

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You'll have 1:1 access to a Reset Coach through in-app live chat. Get support and accountability as you build lifelong habits.

Lifelong Results

Deprivation diets don't work for long. Reset helps you build lifelong habits that lead to livable, sustainable results.