Reset two days a week.
Lose weight for good.

How much weight could you lose for good?  Members eat freely five days a week - no rules or food logging.
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The last weight loss program you'll ever need

Willpower is a limited resource. Reset is an incredibly simple system that doesn't require constant willpower. Eat normally 5 days a week - no calorie counting or food logging. Strive to make healthy choices, but eat freely. The best part of the reset program is that you can ignore it 5/7 days of the week.

Simple, convenient, step-by-step guidance

Reset makes weight loss so simple, you'll actually stick with it. Just 2 days a week, Reset guides members through a Reset Day, carefully designed to maximize fat loss. To ensure you’ll sustain your weight loss long-term, Reset's program helps you build good habits. Message with a coach 1:1 - you'll have support on the road to lasting weight loss.

Science-based, 1000s of success stories

Reset 2 days a week, eat normally the other 5. This 5:2 system has been scientifically-validated in numerous studies. It's different from what you've tried before and that's why it works so well. Are you ready to commit to lasting results?
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